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Sauer Women
The daughters and mothers of the Sauer family in Rosedale, Kansas

Boulevard Drive-In
Cars parked in winter at the Boulevard Drive-In in Rosedale, Kansas

Rosedale Rolling Mill
The Rosedale Rolling Mill was responsible for rolling out iron for railroad rails. Located at Southwest Boulevard quarter.

Kansas City and Rosedale Mule Car
The mule car utilized both mules and rails to operate. It was important to keep the rails clean and open.

Rolling Mill Workers
David Mathias was the third mayor of Rosedale, Kansas in 1880. His son, D.S. Mathias, was the first mayor of Rosedale in the 1870s.

Old Grocery Building
Businesses at 1401 Southwest Boulevard included a physician upstairs and an apothemat.

Simeon Bell Home
Drawing of the home of Simeon Bell