Dr. Bell

E.T. Bell's Memorial Hospital, Rosedale, Kans.

E.T. Bell's Memorial Hospital, Rosedale, Kans.

Simeon Bell Home

Drawing of Simeon Bell's home

Dr. Simeon B. Bell, his wife, Eleanor Taylor Bell and children came to Kansas Territory in 1857 from Mansfield, Ohio, settling near Stillwell and Aubrey - Johnson County, Kansas.

After his service and experiences in the Civil War, Dr. Bell purchased a quarter-section of land in the Turkey Creek Valley. (Later comprised the North part of Rosedale.) His wife died in 1866. Dr. Bell devoted his time to farming and his property. If he practiced medicine it was on a very limited basis.

For a long time he cherished the thought of a medical Institution being located on his Rosedale property and to serve as a memorial to his wife. In 1894, Dr. Bell offered thru Dr. Francis Huntington Snow, Chancellor of the University of Kansas, to give the State of Kansas land located in College Park to build a Medical Hospital and Medical School for the last 2-years Clinical Work of the new medical course. The first 2-years were taught at Lawrence, Kansas.

The Eleanor Taylor Bell Memorial Hospital was built in 1905. It was a 2-story building and basement 112 feet by 45 feet with Oak stairways. This was the "Medical Pavilion."
October 23, 1911, a new 3-story brick building was opened and used as an Infirmary, taking care of 75 patients. The building also included a war for the treatment of crippled children.

The Hospital Dispensary and Laboratory was erected in 1915.
The 2-story building had 6 rooms for Out-patients. A laboratory was equipped on the 2nd floor for routine laboratory tests.

Following World War I, plans for the expansion of the hospital and school were further advanced when the 1919 Kansas Legislature voted $200,000 for a new hospital building if a suitable site could be obtained.

March 1920, The City of Rosedale voted bonds amounting to $35,000 for the purchase of a site for the new hospital. A campaign to raise an additional $35,000 was started by gifts from Alumni Members, faculty, friends and public subscription.

May 1920, The Kerns Property (approximately 13 acres) - 39th Street and Rainbow Boulevard was purchased for $65,000 for the new hospital to be known as "The Bell Memorial Hospital and The Kansas Medical School."

- Margaret Landis